Monday, 2 March 2015

Flip Release Day!

One Family. One Chance. One Action-Packed Finale.

FLIP, the third and final book in the Slip Trilogy is OUT TODAY! Get more action, more twists, and more of the Kelly family's fight for freedom in this epic conclusion to my latest YA dystopian series.

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In a scared and broken world where someone must die before another can be born, one family has been torn apart by fate and a ruthless government, only to find themselves suddenly thrust back together with one chance to save their struggling nation.

Benson and Harrison Kelly and their newfound allies within the rebel consortium are finally fighting back, but the Department of Population Control and its ultimate weapon, known as the Destroyer, won't rest until they're all dead. The task will take them into the belly of the beast and force them to face a secret about their past that will change everything.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Lifers, Jarrod, has a new weapon, in the form of an angry, desperate twelve-year-old boy, and he won't hesitate to use him to destroy an entire city as part of a hidden agenda only just starting to be revealed.

The fate of humanity hinges on a series of impossible choices made by those with nothing to lose. One family. One chance to flip everything they know on its head. One action-packed finale that will leave you breathless.


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Dwellers/Country Saga lands Audiobook Deal!

I've got some awesome news for all you audiobook lovers out there:

I've just signed an audio publishing deal with the incredible Podium Publishing, who were recently nominated for FIVE Audie Awards! Podium will be producing audiobooks for ALL 7 books in the Dwellers/Country Saga.

AND they've already announced who the narrator for Adele will be: the amazing Julia Whelan, recently named Audible's Narrator of the Year, and narrator for bestseller Gone Girl and Podium's Audie-nominated Until the End of the World! For those YA dystopian lovers out there, you might also recognize her from Partials by Dan Wells.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me to ask when the Dwellers/Country Saga would be produced as an audio series, all your positive energy and wishes most definitely helped lead us to this amazing opportunity!

More to come soon :)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Great Moment

Since I started my journey as a writer more than four years ago, I've had some amazing moments. They've encompassed a plethora of emotions, from joy to sadness to frustration to celebration, and everything in between. However, without a doubt, one of the greatest moments of my career so far was an experience I had yesterday.

I had the absolute pleasure of Skyping with a 3rd grade class in South Dakota. The entire event was set up by a teacher, Sue Ann Clanton, who cares so deeply about her students that she goes above and beyond the call of duty to give them memorable experiences, like getting the chance to chat with an author whose books they've been reading. The eight AMAZING students in Ms. Clanton's class were smart, funny and oh so clever. I am honored to have met them and to have them as fans of my children's series The Adventures of Nikki Powergloves!

So thank you to Sue Ann Clanton, Braden, Sydnee, Sheridan, Rhett, Clancy, Claire, Slate, and Riggs! And congrats to Sydnee for winning a signed copy of Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born!

(If you're a teacher, librarian, or book club moderator who's interested in hosting an event such as the one described above, please contact me at davidestesbooks(at)gmail(dot)com.)
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